About us:

The ESG represents the parish at the university, open for everyone.
German as well as international students are invited- to sing, pray, celebrate and relax together.
Furthermore the examination of theological and political topics is a very important subject.

Also we offer you consultations and support as soon as a program of related development policy education and practice.
You can find our program and topics every week up to date in the showcases at the university or online, here at our website.

We are hoping to see you soon,

Yours ESG

Welcome to ESG Siegen

ESG Siegen is the evangelical parish for students and other members of university Siegen and part of the evangelical church of Germany. Our symbol is the red rooster.


Our offers

We make spiritual offers like services, Bible studies, theological lectures, seminars and workshops about specials in development questions and a lot of leisure activities like excursions and also sport activities.

The flyers, which will be put down in Mensa give you an overview about our monthly program.



An important part of our work is consultation. If you have psychological problems, questions in life management or relationships, problems with foreigners registration office or other offices, problems at university or other fields, you can speak about this with Dietrich Hoof Greve or Renate Helm.



Dietrich Hoof Greve is the ESG pastor. He offers services and other spiritual specials but also excursions and leisure activities

Renate Helm is responsible for the work with and for foreign students at the university. She offers a special education program and a development project but also leisure activities.

Also in our team are Julian - he is doing his voluntary social year with us and Jonas, a Student, who assist us and is responsible for some special activities like  soccer competitions

Education Programm STUBE

STUBE is a special non university program for Students from Africa, Asia and Middle- and South America. In workshops and seminars the participants are discussing about development issus, problems in developing countries and the opinion of solutions. Until now this Program was only in german language, but from summer semester 2015 we start with offers in English.


Developing activities

Developing activities means at first our development project in Cameroun. This project was the idea of a Cameroonian student who wants to improve the live of the people in his village, where there is no clean and safe  drinking water. Since 2011 a group of student from Cameroun and Germany has planned a water infrastructure for the Village. In April 2014 construction was started and the project will be finished in the middle of 2015.


Our Program

And now a small overview about our program in summer semester.


Every monday morning we start in week with a commun breakfast at 9 h, called  Weekup. All are invited to participate.


If you are interest to get more information about us and our activities contact us at Facebook or have a look on our website www.esg-siegen.de.

More about our development project in Cameroun on www.wasserprojekt-leffe.de

And here the plan to reach our location














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